The Art of Tai Chi – Medicine in Motion (Beginners)

The Art of Tai Chi – Medicine in Motion (Beginners)

Presented by Dr. Shin Lin, a world-renowned Tai Chi expert

Our classes are undergoing continuous enhancements that are based on the latest research. Highlights include:

  • Palace-style cosmetic face massage in addition to the Wudang self-massage routine for the whole body.
  • Basic/intermediate silk reeling exercises performed to music for easier pacing of movements and breathing rhythm as well for deeper relaxation.
  • Five Animals Frolic Qigong invented by Dr. Hua Tuo, a pioneer of Chinese medicine. This system of Qigong is intended to strengthen the five vital organ systems, a concept now beginning to be validated by Western biomedical research.
  • Addition of faster Tai Chi movements to give a more balanced exercise routine for fast muscle fibers and cardiovascular conditioning.
  • King Ma’s Mound Qigong
  • Beginning and advanced Tai Chi Bang (short stick to enhance Tai Chi training)
  • Beginning and intermediate Tai Chi push hands
  • Advanced Tai Chi “Fa Jing” (power release) form

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Tuesdays 4:30 - 6:00 pm


Dr. Shin Lin

Dr. Shin Lin's classes undergo continuous enhancements that are based on the latest Tai Chi research. Beginner and intermediate classes are offered throughout the year.

Tai Chi is one of the most well-balanced exercises for people of all ages to train their mind and body. Aside from the traditional, more familiar slow and relaxing movements, Chen Style Tai Chi (the original style from which all other styles were derived) incorporates explosively fast movements that provide excellent training for fast muscle fibers, cardiovascular health and self-defense.

The Art of Tai Chi – Medicine in Motion (Beginners)

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9 weeks


Dr. Shin LinTest


UCI Main Campus, Sprague Hall Foyer


$90 Registration Fee