Continuing Medical Education


The Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute at University of California, Irvine recognizes the importance of education in integrative medicine. The Samueli Institute is dedicated to educating medical students, healthcare professionals and the public about alternative and complementary practices while creating a model of evidence-based clinical care that heals the whole person and maintains the highest level of patient care.

The Samueli Institute offers professional education conferences for physicians and allied health providers, such as acupuncturists and naturopaths, that address the latest research and advances in integrative medicine treatments used by practitioners at the Samueli Institute and other leading academic centers in the United States and overseas.

Ongoing programs and seminars hosted by the Institute address pervasive problems best treated with integrative therapy such as chronic pain management, women’s health and weight-control disorders.

Application Process

There is no application process for the continuing medical education conferences hosted by the Samueli Institute.

If you are interested in attending a conference, please reference our Lectures Page.