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Our efforts are fueled by the generosity of people like you who care deeply about the future of healthcare. Your support helps us explore new medical frontiers, transform teaching methods and tools for future practitioners, and deliver personalized, innovative healthcare. For any questions regarding philanthropy, please contact Alex Anderson at

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Why Give?

Donor-sponsored research provides seed funding for promising ideas that can lead to evidence-based treatments not widely supported by the federal government and insurance companies. Additionally, our research gives us an opportunity to future integrative practitioners, current health professionals, and the community.


Innovative, Personalized Treatment

Every patient who seeks care at the Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute receives an individual treatment plan designed to restore health and quality of life. By offering new integrative programs that pave the way to transforming healthcare, the Institute continues to lead patients on a path of wellness and disease prevention.

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The Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute depends on support from individual donors, family foundations, and corporations to conduct vital research and provide clinical services.

While technology opens new avenues for treatments, it also resents new challenges. Exploring and testing a new idea can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, donor funding facilitates research into promising ideas that can lead to innovative care.

The personal and financial support we receive from donors in our community enables us to increase the number and diversity of patients treated as well as expand our outreach efforts in Orange County.

You can help further the growth of the Samueli Institute by supporting these areas of need:

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Our Research

The research done at the Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute has centered on traditional Chinese medicine. This includes studies of acupuncture, herbals, qigong and Tai Chi. All of our research efforts are utilized to strengthen our clinical protocols and to expand the knowledge of medical students and the community.

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For any inquiries regarding the initiatives listed above and how to further support them, please email Alex Anderson at

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